A unique and integrated platform for executing comprehensive and tailored solutions aimed at enhancing shareholder value.

Capital Raising

Project Development Advisory

General Infrastructure Finance Advisory

Our aim is to offer a one-stop service to project sponsors for the project development, financial advisory and the capital raising process of a project all the way to financial close.

Among others, our services include the following;

  • Provide transaction advisory to ensure all elements of the Project’s Initial works (studies, surveys, contracts, agreements, negotiations, and assessments) are carried out in such a   manner as to ensure bankability, the timely conclusion of the transaction, and in accordance with international best practices.
  • Provide advice and assistance to the Client in developing and finalizing the commercial and financial terms of the key project agreements.
  • Proffer a financing plan for the Project and structure the transaction to minimize the costs and optimize financial returns to the Project.
  • Develop the key credit assessment documentation such as the detailed and comprehensive financial model and project Information memorandum to enable capital providers to assess the bankability of the transaction
  • Leverage our extensive network to identify the right prospective partners and capital providers.
  • Capitalize on our deal execution expertise to create a seamless and competitive transaction process.
  • Lead all efforts in the preparation of the documentation to be included in the Information Package for the capital providers and lead the capital raising efforts up to financial close.